Danielle Gerber X NYBRA

With every purchase from you are helping to donate towards giving a breast cancer survivor her dream restorative procedure.


I am excited to announce our new partnership with NYBRA. NYBRA, or New York Breast Reconstruction and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is a practice offering a comprehensive array of breast reconstruction procedures and support services with a holistic approach designed to facilitate real and authentic healing.


This donation started brewing long ago, at the time of creation of the Boobies ring. I wanted my brand, which is me, to do more for women. We have an incredible opportunity to help women in their self recovery journey, a painful and intimate journey.

Our breasts are some of our most intimate body parts, essential in so many processes of life: Passion, intimacy, beauty, nourishment.

It is our privilege to give others a hand in their healing process. Proceeds from each and every purchase go towards a donation.


This is Christine, our first donation recipient, with her talented tattoo artist Marnie Rustemeyer.

After her tattooing process, she wrote us:

"I am a breast cancer survivor and am a patient of Dr. Ron Israeli and Dr. David Light. Through them I have met some of the most compassionate people, Marnie being one of those people. She is not only kind but also very talented at what she does. It was through her that I was given this amazing gift from you.
You have given me not only and new set of eyebrows but confidence I have not had in a long time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and thank you for supporting breast cancer patients."


NYBRA is a company about more than just fixing or replacing what is missing. They place their patients' intuition as a top priority, take great steps to be innovative in finding new and advanced solutions, and even created a Patient Empowerment Program. This is why we chose them for this donation.

Danielle Gerber Ltd. started giving a quarterly donation to a woman receiving her recovery tattoo/mastectomy tattoo by the incredible professionals at NYBRA.

Know that each and every one of you makes this donation possible.