Commonly asked questions

Is that a crack on my potion bottle? What is this dot? Darker spot? My bottle doesn't look exactly like the one in the picture! Why?

Our magical potion bottle collection is crafted by skilled hands from the true natural form of each stone. These unique pieces of stone are selected personally according to their energy and feel.

Some stones contain natural patterns, such as the Labradorite stone which has an ice crack pattern in raw material, or the turquoise stone which is spotted with different shades of blue, turquoise and grey in many patterns.

This is important to keep in mind – because each of your potion bottles will be different, both from each other and from the one on the website. These different marks, lines and texture are not a quality defect, they are all a part of the stone's natural beauty.

I really like this piece, but I'd like to change the stone in it! Is that possible?

 For most items – it really is! A lot of the pieces on the website are flexible with the stones we set to them. The stone each piece is set with was chosen for energetic reasons as well as the visual satisfaction of the designer (Danielle Gerber). If you think you will enjoy something better with a different stone – do not hesitate to contact us and see what your possibilities are at: or via the "contact" link on the website.

My ring size is not listed as an option on the website, Can I still get it?

Of course! The options listed are the ones we usually keep in stock. Different sizes can be purchased as a custom order. Simply contact us at: or via the "contact" link on the website, and we will create a custom order for you.

Please note, when customizing a ring’s size, only the band itself (the part wrapping your finger) will be changed, and not the model of the piece.

I have a vision for a piece but can’t find anything like it, could you design one for me?

If you have a vision for a dream piece of jewelry, we would be honored to help you achieve it! Danielle’s passion is for designing pieces that will make your heart beam with joy. contact us at: or via the "contact" link on the website and we will get back to you with more information on the steps to making your dream come true!

Custom designs will be made with gold only.

I love you style, can you make me an engagement ring with a diamond?

It will be our honor. Engagement rings hold so much power and love within them, and Danielle will be moved deeply to be a part of your love connection and create your perfect engagement ring, as well as the wedding band itself.

(Many of our magical rings are used as an alternative and unique engagement piece. They can also be set with different stones of your liking or a diamond).

Why is the jewelry causing green discoloration to my skin?

Skin discoloration happens when too much acid in your body causes your skin to react with your jewelry. Silver and gold jewelry can turn your skin color green, not because of the type of jewelry you wore or how expensive (or inexpensive) the piece may be, but because of the high level of acidity in your body. This especially happens when it is hot and humid outside. Oxidation causes your skin to turn green when it reacts to silver jewelry and gives it a tarnished appearance.

This is because of the presence of sulfur/sulfides and amino acids that could be found in perspiration. The acidic nature of your sweat will often cause discolorations to your skin and/or your jewelry and may cause some of your fabulous pieces to fade.

What can I do to prevent this from happening?

Since each body's chemistry is different (as we are all unique), changing your diet through counselling with a dietitian might help in altering the level of acidity in your body, therefor changing the way your skin reacts to your jewelry.

Another option is to purchase only 14k gold items. Gold on its own is known react the least to your body's chemistry and keep your skin clear and beautiful, while also remaining in his original form without fading for the longest time – so you can find your forever piece and keep it forever as well.