About The Designer

 As a woman whose freedom is extremely important to her, Danielle's mission is to empower others to embody their highest selves and reminding them they own the freedom of choice to create the most authentic life without compromises.
Danielle Gerber’s unique jewelry line came to life in 2015 in a small workshop  in Delhi, India, while she was backpacking in the subcontinent. What started as a one month trip, became a 3 years journey.  Drawing on her adventures around the world to create original designs, distinguished for their use of organic shapes and textures.
Handcrafted in Israel, the brand’s trademark potion in a bottle necklace perfectly captures the brand’s experimentation with illustrious gemstones and high-quality metals. Embracing freedom of choice as its ethos, each design is made to empower others to follow their hearts desires – to live our most authentic life, we must take a leap of faith. 
Danielle Gerber is a worldwide brand and is sold internationally.