To create pieces that inspire women to take the leap and reflect the courage they have in their heart. One look at her jewelry is a reminder of her higher-self, her dreams and aspirations.
“Do you know what happens when you light a fire within you? It burns everything standing in the way"
We create this jewelry with the intention to touch your hearts, move something within you, push you slightly to the edge, touch in a spot that hasn't been touched, Inspire you to follow your heart's desires, to take the leap, take the chance, take the risk... To set your soul aflame, Just as you are. A queen. Powerful. Irresistible. Turning heads and full of passion.


"I started this line without planning it becoming to a collection. I was sitting in a humid workshop in New Delhi, India, several years ago. I sketched one bird and then came another one and another one... In a look back on that hot day, there was something tender within me more than usual. Beautiful things come in their own time, I guess. I couldn’t summon it, yet I couldn't ignore it when it appeared. It happens once in a while in our lives that we recognize a feeling in the guts. We should listen to it. Never ignore it. It might lead us to beautiful places.
And so I did. I dared and walked the first step towards something that made me feel excited. I find it releasing, therefor this jewelry I create resembles for me daring and freedom.