Potion bottle collection

The Potion Bottles Collection

Two women collaborating from opposite sides of the world


Uncompromising authenticity.

Meeting from across the glove, Danielle and Hanna share the values of the free woman, one that is on a journey of authentic self-discovery, creativity and manifesting her own reality.

'from the sea of Instagram influencers Hanna stood out for me' says Danielle Gerber, Collection designer. 'She grabbed my attention by posting a photo of her pubic hair and talked about embracing one's imperfection and feminine nature, I felt a rush of courage and self love just reading her words.' Danielle reached out to Hannah with great inspiration and shared her brilliant idea for a collaboration. a necklace that is also a potion bottle! Hannah, a yogi and business women in the industry of essential oils fell instantly in love with the idea and the journey began.

Designing the vision

The mission: creating a stunning potion bottle necklaces, empowering women through fashion and showing the world that two women can make a business happen from across the world, during a global pandemic.

'At first I thought about creating metal bottles, but it didn't quite felt like Hannah or myself, after endless research and trials I have found the right factory that can turn my favorite gem stones into these unique shapes and functionality.'

A necklace that is also a bottle

The result: A 2 in 1 breath taking piece of jewelry with a selection of beautiful gemstones carved as a necklace that is also a potion bottle.

'I love to share the spiritual qualities of each stone, every woman that purchased our bottle is attracted to more than just the appearance of the jewelry but also to its attributes. My customers love to feel connected to their jewels and I wanted to give that to them'

The concept of 2 in 1 is new and exciting, flaunting the stunning gem on the outside while having a little secret on the inside in the private bottle is as mysterious and whimsical as these girls' followers.

The bottle that swapped the net

The collection took over by storm, sold out, again and again, these girls had to rush into creating and manufacturing to keep up with the demand. Hanna's followers were so excited to see jewelry in the form of their beloved wild child yogi that shares her most intimate moments of a woman's life.

'I think one of the biggest reason for the success of our collection, is the innovative design on one hand and the alignment between Hannah's and my followers.

Women empowering women

From opposite sides of the world, these two women keep sharing their mutual project, Hannah gallivanting between Hawaii and Texas, showcasing the bottles in remarkable yoga movements and Danielle in Israel, exposing the journey of creation and her passion for free spirited women who follow their dreams and won't compromise for 'almost'.

What started with just a handful of items, became a collection of over 30 bottles and every season new styles appear on the social channels and make their way to thousands of women.