Danielle Gerber X Talia Sutra

I have been following Talia Sutra for a long time before finally creating this incredible collaboration.
Something about her immediately pulled me closer. I saw something real, true. The way she moves through spaces, so smoothly and open, gives me verification that her channels are OPEN. She is a part of the world, and the world is a part of her.
She is loyal to herself, always. She is real, always. She is LOVE.
The earrings we created together are little tokens you can carry around as a reminder of all that is simple, real and alive. They are timeless pieces you can wear always and everywhere. They’re comfortable, delicate, breathtaking.
"Swans seem to live in a dimension of their own, between the spiritual and material worlds. It's a place that I can call home, too. A place inside of me that is always free, always now, always here"
~ Talia Sutra ~

Sutra in Sanskrit means precise teaching, a teaching that contains the exact essence of the subject, to the deepest degree.
Sutra leaves no room for doubt, only truth."
~ Talia Sutra ~


"Learning to stop and listen for a while creates peace in our minds and
soul; it keeps us present at the moment. This reminder sits in your ear, whispering only to you words of love and enlightenment" 
~ Talia Sutra ~