Lets talk about relationships.
Sometimes we realize we are holding too much in a current relationship that we're afraid to lose, or feeling uncomfortable with the changes it’s going through that we are utterly blocking any new, refreshing connection from becoming. 
We hold a belief that our closest friends, the ones we can trust and the ones that will stay with us forever, the closest we will ever have, are those who are with us for years, since adolescence. We're holding them as if when we'll lose them - we will never find a magical relationship like this one, even though it wasn't magical for a long time.
This realization feels as if we were short-sighted and received glasses, finally seeing clearly. We start to wonder- how many feelings or thoughts I covered in my heart that held me back from seizing new opportunities?
 The more you surrender to the journey you are clearly on - the more opportunity will come your way. The more you believe in your capabilities, natural gifts, and skills - the more opportunity will come your way. The more you are kind to your mind - the more opportunity will come your way. Opportunity comes when we surrender. Surrender means to cease resistance. You must stop resisting the signs that are clearly leading you one way or another. You must stop resisting your visceral reactions. You must stop listening to the voices of others when you know what the voice within you is undoubtedly guiding you to. You may doubt, but doubt doesn’t always mean no. You will know when the doubt means no - situations won’t flow and fear will be clear. Every single one of us has a purpose. Every single one of us has something inherently special that can be used to give life to others and ourselves. If you don’t have people who believe in the decisions you believe with everything in you are the right decisions, don’t look down. You have it in you to trust and motivate yourself. When your bones are brittle with doubt I hope you look up and inhale deeply while saying, “You can do all the things you believe in.” When your heart is beating with joy I hope you allow yourself to fully experience it. When you come to a point you finally realize why you went through what you did, I hope you cry and hug your heart tightly. You deserve this life, my goodness, you deserve this life. You worked harder than anyone will ever know. You’ve always been soaring. Honestly, you should clap out loud. Give yourself an awkward feeling round of applause, but embrace it. You deserve this life you’re molding yourself into.
~ Jacqueline Whitney.