A Spine Of An Entrepreneur

“I'm being firm about my choices right now.
I don't go back to habits and situations that weren't helping me evolve. I have to keep reminding myself why I decided to move forward. I'm staying positive about what's to come by being consistent with my change now”


I was in the red sea today, and it is such a beautiful place. From the moment I see the blue water, it takes me less than a brief moment to feel complete calmness. I was laying on the sand while the thoughts went through my mind slowly... "what are you doing? What do you want to do? Look how happy you are here in the south, you are so calm here, what is this affair you have with the big city? What is the point?"
My answer to myself made me feel so much more tuned: I love designing beautiful, empowering jewelry for women, amulets of power, physical reminders of wing spreading, abundance, living on the edge, devoting without comprising my truth.  
I love working with my colleagues in the diamond district. I'm in love with building my business and being my own boss- my own ghostwriter.  
Enjoying the beach is not the essence; it's one way of expressing it. It represents my sincere, honest, and not restrained urge of freedom!
It is my golden, shiny, most appreciated standard. I realized even more strongly today that only by devoting myself COMPLETELY to my urges I will be FREE.
The circumstances are less important. Spread your wings, my love.
Don't comprise on your standards, Not for comfort nor people.