I Released Love Birds From a Cage

Are you one of those women who feel that no matter what, her freedom is the most important thing for her? Do you gasp on the inside of your will is pushed against the wall?
Have you ever asked yourself: 'Why am I doing this? Why am I here?' Perhaps in the field of your career, relationship, or school?

You're NOT alone.
So many amazing women find themselves compromising on serious issues because they were pulled by life, instead of the other way around. Many beautiful, creative, strong, and smart women aren't living the life they want to live.  I know it can be frustrating!

I am excited to tell you how I've released love birds from their cage! My buddha man took me on my birthday to a beautiful mountain that views on a stunning, colorful valley.
Love birds (parrots) are the most monogamist creatures in the world; they never separate. I made a sincere heart prayer to see myself in a world where everyone is living their most authentic and free life. Then, I open the cage and released those beautiful wings holders free to the wild world.
It was SO special. Releasing those birds in the beautiful valley symbolized so much to me. I wish I could support and inspire every single soul to spread its wings and feel FREE to choose precisely what she truly wants and live the most fulfilling and exciting version of life. 

Inspired, I designed beautiful birds jewelry that symbolizes this impeccable freedom I am feeling myself when I follow my passions.
Having and wearing these earrings will remind you of your inner powers and the freedom of choice you naturally own! I wish they'll move something within you, push you slightly to the edge, touch a spot that hasn't been touched, stroke scars, and make you feel excited! Powerful. Irresistible. You are not a tree; you can move and change.
I can honestly say that every exciting result or achievement I've ever experienced began with conscious choice.

Grab a piece of paper, close your eyes, and imagen your biggest heart wishes. Write them down- and also what choices you need to make to transform your desires into your reality.
I will be happy to know your dreams, thoughts, concerns, and fears. Please don't hesitate to share with me, and I will be glad to help.
love, Danielle