"There is freedom waiting for you on the edge of the sky,and you are wondering, "what if I fall?"but oh, my darling, what if you fly?" ~ e.h

How does it feels to achieve something we want so much? Dreaming about it at night, waking up with a smile, looking forward to another fascinating day and working hard to make it happen. How exciting is to feel that we are getting closer towards something big, huge, that our whole body is quivering with excitement?

I decided I won't wake up in the morning to another boring day, not motivated, frustrated from my routine.,. so I took I leap of faith and jumped headfirst into building my own jewelry business.

I design jewelry to open people's heart and inspire them to follow their dreams. Every Single Piece I create is an amulet of enlightened strength for those who wear it. It happens rarely in our life that we recognize a feeling in our guts. we should listen to it, never ignore it. It may lead us to beautiful places. And so I did; I designed a ring with the quote "what if you fly?".

This ring is an amulet of power. Its purpose is to remind us to live the life that sets our soul free. this ring is for those who won't compromise on their happiness and can't give upon the feeling of a dancing heart.

And you? do you compromise? here you are, alive, what are you waiting for? spread your wings.